The Siberian Guide Dogs for the  Blind



This is Tahvi.  He was the first of the guide dogs from Aurora Siberians.  He has been a guide dog for Gary Kelly now for 8 years and also helps train other guide dogs. He is the littermate to Trouble and Panda. He is the son of Ch Frosty and Gremlin.

Machiko was the second Aurora Siberian to become a guide dog.  She is also with Gary in Salinas, CA.  Machiko is the daughter of Ch. Denali and Ch. Frosty.

Suki is the latest Aurora Siberian to become a guide dog.  She finished her training in September and now lives in Florida with Carlen, her new master.  At last report they were doing very well indeed as both Guide dog and master and also as companions. Suki is the daughter of Trouble and Deja.

Akamai is also a guide dog.  She is from Sue Adams Aslanlar Kennels.  She also is the Alpha girl to all the rescues that Gary helps train for the Central California Coast Rescue.  


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